Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

Richard, 12 years


My name is Mahamudu Richard. My father’s name is Mahamudu. My father is a farmer. My mother’s name is Fatimata. Berka is my younger sister and Rita, Lukaya and Diana are my older sisters. My brother’s name is Akowsi. My uncle’s name is Issahuku and my grandfather’s name is Yalika.

Richard (on the right) with Joe and Mba Wuni in teh Foster Care Community

Richard (on the very left) was also collecting wast at the "general cleaning exercise"

Richard collects a chair for the kids meeting from the project leaders office

Richard (red shirt) at the kids meeting in the social workers office

I am twelve years old and I am in class four of the primary school. I am going to school every day.
My country is Ghana. I am living in Guabuliga. It is a village in the North of Ghana.
I like to go to the farm with my father.

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