Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018


In principle, BA believes in using play as a teaching and learning pedagogy aimed at increasing enrolment, retention, promoting quality education and providing the needed environment for learners to unearth their potentials at a tender age.

Pursuant to this standard, BA with funding support from donors procured for the Guabuliga Kindergarten, a complement of play items. Included in the set of items are a merry-go-round, swing and slide. Footballs and skipping ropes were not left out of the package since their essence cannot be downplayed in achieving the desired outcomes.      

With BA not oblivious to the relevance of other Teacher and Learning Materials (TLMs) in improving quality and effective teaching and learning, also included in the support package are TLMs designed for KG education. As practiced, a brief presentation ceremony was organised at the forecourt of the KG to handover the items to the school. Present at the ceremony were Head teachers, SMC and PTA chair persons, teachers, students and BA staff.    

Speakers at the event expressed their gratitude to BA for honoring their pledge to the school and assured BA that the items would be accordingly used. Head teacher of the KG assured of improved performance at the KG since they now have adequate TLMs. On his part, the Executive Director of BA admonished the school to take good care of the items and that BA expects a resultant improvement in performance.

A follow-up training was offered to educate the teachers on the use of the TLMs. The program was packed with excitement, sense of fulfilment, joy and renaissance among all stakeholders present.

The renewed feeling manifested at the ceremony gives much credence to BA's slogan of “Small Moves, Big Change”.                

Mittwoch, 11. April 2018

Braveaurora Staff Undergo Training in Team Building and Communication

The staff of Braveaurora last Friday received a training on Team Building and Communication from Skylimit Consult; a group of experts focused on organisation development. The very educative and fun-filled training hosted core staff of Braveaurora and representatives of Skylimit Consult.

The training started with an ice-breaking game stressing the values of teamwork and communication. There were several takeaways from the game as it reminded the players of the quintessence of planning, focus, communication, trust and support. Players also had the opportunity to give and take feedback-- another essential team building block.

Team members were subsequently taken through key concepts and terms including; the meaning and scope of teams, team building, groups, group dynamics, trust ,determination, success and communication. Practical examples on the enumerated terms were given. The training also took a closer look at the various roles of participants in the team and ways to overcome their everyday challenges.

The session ended with yet another group game on trust and nonverbal communication. In this game, blindfolded participants had to trust the direction and guidance of other team members in going through obstacles within a set timeframe. The game was very revealing and helpful to the groups.

Team members were overjoyed by the wonderful work and made assurances to transfer the learnings to their work.

Disbursment of Termly Scholarships to Students

Pursuant to BA´s commitment to incentivize students who have displayed excellent performance in their terminal exams at the School Level, BA instituted the termly scholarship package to be awarded to deserving students at the end of every academic term. Beneficiaries of the scholarship are required to score a Minimum of 80% in all the core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science). Equally significant to the requirements is for the pupil to obtain an aggregate score of 80% at the end of the
academic term. At the core of this initiative is to promote healthy competition and award excellence.

With the closure of the first term of 2017/18 academic year, the much anticipated presentation of scholarship packages to eligible students was held on the 29th of March, at the forecourt of the Guabuliga Schools. In the presence of their caregivers/parents, the qualified students were clothed with so much joy and pride. Qualifying students were presented with school bags, books, pens, pencils and new pair of school uniform. In all, a total of 19 students qualified, with 15 coming from the Primary and 4 qualifying from the JHS. Segregating the total figure into sex, 8 pupils were girls and the remaining 11 being boys.

The Beauty of the presentation would certainly be incomplete without the cheers and wailing from the students in solidarity. The resounding applause from their peers communicated their desire and reassurance of a better competition in the coming terminal exams. Parents could not hide their delight and pride in their wards' achievements. Caregivers/parents and teachers shared with BA their appreciation and assured of improved performance and an increase in qualified students. Braveaurora is proud to be associated with this. BA congratulates all the winners and wish the rest the best in their desire to achieve this feet.

Samstag, 24. März 2018

Braveaurora Organises Evaluation Workshop

On Thursday the 22nd, Braveaurora in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare organised an Evaluation Workshop as part of moves to draw the curtains on the UNICEF funded Social History and Post Reunification Stories of Children Reunified by DSW in the Northern Region.

The much anticipated workshop brought together officials of UNICEF, DSW, NGOs and the Institutions. The event was a point to meet and discuss the findings of the project, spell out the successes and challenges and chart a course for the next steps.

Wonderful ideas were shared across board and participants were elated about the findings. They applauded Braveaurora for the wonderful work done over the year. Braveaurora also in turn shared our heartfelt appreciation to UNICEF, DSW and the Institutions for their diverse support in making the project a success.

Dienstag, 13. März 2018

Braveaurora Places Trainees On Internship in Welding and Fabrication

BRAVEAURORA has placed five trainees on welding internship with FUSEINI WELDING ENTERPRISE at Walewale in the West Mamprusi District of the Northern Region. The trainees from Guabuliga and its surrounding communities (i.e. Guabuliga, Manga, Diani, Tinguri, Gbane, Tinkaya, Kasape, Nablogu and Dimia) are overjoyed about the chance given them to learn and they hope to redefine sector opportunity after completion. The training will propel them to newer and greater economic heights; lifting them and their families out of poverty. They are expected to undergo twelve months (one year) of intensive training. Below are some pictures from the training.

Samstag, 10. März 2018

Monitoring of Reunified Children

As part of activities to wrap up on the Social History and Post-reunification Stories of Children Reunified by DSW in the Northern Region, the BA team joined the Department of Social Welfare to monitor reunified children in Damongo and and Sawla in the West Gonja and Sawla-Tuna-Kalba Districts respectively.

The team had earlier assessed and documented the lives of the young adults and their families. With most of them in school, visits were made to their various institutions to catch up on their attendance and performance. It was impressive to realise that they are coping well in society.

Visits were also made to the homes and business centres of the young adults. Their families shared their joy with the team for the constant followup and reiterated their commitment to make the home conducive for the reunified children.

Freitag, 9. März 2018

Workshop for Kindergarten Teachers

BRAVEAURORA recently organised a workshop for the kindergarten teachers in Guabuliga. With a primary focus on effective teaching and learning methods, the workshop started with theoretical inputs on the way children learn and what they need to improve. This session reminded participants about the importance and value of games, songs and other interactive teaching methods.

In response, the teachers' knowledge of games, songs, rhymes and rhythms were refreshed and new (local as well as foreign) methods were learnt. All this was done in a classroom environment simulating a normal class session with the teachers role playing as the school children. The workshop centred on learning by doing, with lots of fun and movement in an open and receptive environment.

With the impressive feedback on the successful workshop and the request for another, we can look back satisfied with thoughts already on continuation. 😊