Mittwoch, 11. April 2018

Braveaurora Staff Undergo Training in Team Building and Communication

The staff of Braveaurora last Friday received a training on Team Building and Communication from Skylimit Consult; a group of experts focused on organisation development. The very educative and fun-filled training hosted core staff of Braveaurora and representatives of Skylimit Consult.

The training started with an ice-breaking game stressing the values of teamwork and communication. There were several takeaways from the game as it reminded the players of the quintessence of planning, focus, communication, trust and support. Players also had the opportunity to give and take feedback-- another essential team building block.

Team members were subsequently taken through key concepts and terms including; the meaning and scope of teams, team building, groups, group dynamics, trust ,determination, success and communication. Practical examples on the enumerated terms were given. The training also took a closer look at the various roles of participants in the team and ways to overcome their everyday challenges.

The session ended with yet another group game on trust and nonverbal communication. In this game, blindfolded participants had to trust the direction and guidance of other team members in going through obstacles within a set timeframe. The game was very revealing and helpful to the groups.

Team members were overjoyed by the wonderful work and made assurances to transfer the learnings to their work.

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