Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Cleaning exercise

On the 1st of May we held a kids meeting at the social workers office. In these monthly meetings topics like health, education, questions regarding the reintegration and many other topics are discussed. In this particular meeting we spoke a lot about the importance of keeping the environment clean.
In the whole of Ghana the environment is polluted with rubbers, pure water sadgets etc. It doesn't only look horrible, also the animals die, when they swallow the salty rubber bags, which where used for food. After the meeting all BRAVEAURORA employees went with the children through Guabuliga to collect waste. We wanted to act as a role model.

At the kids meeting in the renovated social worker office

Every child receives one glove and a rubber bag to collect the waste

The children are collecting the waste in the area of the greenbelt

The result of our cleaning exercise

Librarian Baba is burning the waste

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