Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Reintegration Day Celebration

On Saturday, the 18th of May 2013, BRAVEAURORA reintegrated the last 8 children, which still lived in the Foster Care Community.
The reintegration is not the idea of BRAVEAURORA, but it is a guideline by the Department of Social Welfare (DSW), the Care Reform Initiative, and it is a law in Ghana.
BRAVEAURORA is now a role model in the whole country with the successfull reintegration of all children from the former Guabuliga orphanage - and this was a good reason to celebrate a function!

The 2 weeks before were busy with inviting all guests, preparing food, printing shirts, and organizing the whole event...
Please see some pictures of that function - the Reintegration Day Celebration

our shirts

preparing the venue in the morning

chief and his elders arrive - with volunteer mirijam

the guests have arrived

Guabuligas Chief Imam did the opening prayer - with Baba, BRAVEAURORA librarian and electrician

BRAVEAURORA children and staff performed a welcome song
 BRAVEAURORA project manager Severin gave the welcome adress, and also gave the audience a brief overview about all projects the NGO is involved.

Baba Seidu, BRAVEAURORA country director, and chairman of the function, giving a speech
 As you can also see the press attendance was good. Four different TV stations, plus radio and print were present - and since the function there are clips of the celebration on TV and radio in the whole country.
The children performed a theatre

One family does good things, the other one does not! You can see all the waste lying around.

Also Chief and his elders watched!

Big media presence in Guabuliga

The children dance

From Left: Representative of Director of Education, Baba Seidu, BA Country Director, Mr. Mensah, DSW Walewale, Severin Schwaiger, BA Project Manager. Behind: Mr. Philip, Assembly Man Guabuliga, Representative of District Chief Executive

The final words...

...were given by Chief!
It was a colourfull function, and BRAVEAURORA is proud to tell the public that all children have been finally reintegrated. They are now re-united with tehir extended families!!

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