Freitag, 12. Juli 2013

Quiz competition

Hello friends of Braveaurora!!!
Quizmaster Mr. James with one of the groups
This week we would like to tell you something about the quiz competition, which took place today in Guabuliga.

Every end of the month beginning this year in July, there is a quiz competition at the school in Guabuliga. They have two different levels. Level 1 is for the primary school and level 2 for the Junior High School (JHS). The best or the most motivated children from every class are chosen by their teachers to be part of the quiz. This chosen children form the different teams. Each team includes 3 children. They are asked questions by the quizmaster. The questions varied in different subjects, like Science, Maths, English and General Knowledge about Ghana. The team which has the most points (for right answers) wins the quiz competition. All the teams get different prices, depending on the points they get, for example pens, exercise books, pencils,... The reason for doing this quiz is to motivate the children to learn a lot and be good at school, so that they are chosen by the teachers to be part of the quiz-groups. 
The quiz was initiated by Mr. Saibu (Educational coordinator of Guabuliga Schools) and an NGO called Camfed. This NGO sponsors the quiz competition together with Braveaurora.
Volunteer Julia presents the price to Mariam who was part of the winning team
Mr. Saibu (red T-Shirt) explaining the quiz rules

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