Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

Hello, my name is Gunter , I am a teacher in Innsbruck ,
 I arrived in Ghana 2 weeks ago and I intend to stay for 6 weeks.
Meantimes the skin of my feet has turned to the redbrown colour of afrcan soil, so I guess that now I am definitively arrived in Ghana. It  will be unforgetable how warmly I was welcomed by the people of Guabuliga.
From next week on, the pupils have holliday and for that time I intend to keep a
Workshop for basic electric skills together with our electrician  named Baba.
For not to bore the pupils with to much theory and mathematics ,some teachers of my school donated  Instruments, a solar cell, electric parts, wires , 3 laptops,
a solder-iron... for practical exercices.
The childrens interrest was amazing, when I anounced the workshop on the kids meeting last week. Lets see what will happen, when I insist , that the participants have to come in time and for each lesson. I will report you more within the next two weeks.

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