Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013


Hello friends of Braveaurora,

 My name is Julia and I am 24 years old. I`m here since one week and I will stay till the beginning of September as a Volunteer in Guabuliga .

In my first week I visited some lessons in the primary school and in the kindergarten, it`s very interesting how the school system works here. As you can see on the last block I also visited the quiz competition, where I handed the prices to the quiz groups. The children were very good at the quiz and they are also very inquisitive and motivated to learn.

In the next weeks, when the vacations start, I want to start a music workshop with the kids, because I found out, that they love to dance and sing. We will sing english songs  and play with the guitar and the drums. At the end we will perform it to the parents and the stuff of Braveaurora.  I`m looking forward to it and hope, the kids will enjoy it.

All together, I`m very happy to be here. Since my arrival last week I enjoy every day. All the people and the kids are so nice, it`s a pleasure to see and experience the helpfulness and the life desire they all have.

Myself with the kids at the quiz competition.
Myself riding on a donkey with Imoro.
Carrying the food on my head. 

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