Freitag, 19. April 2013



Last week three of our children- David, Nashira and her brother Hakeem -were reintegrated. They are now living in a house with their extended families. All of them are very happy about it.

Nashira and his brother Hakeem are very looking
forward to living home again.

David and his mother in his new room
 The children are provided with a support package from BRAVEAURORA when they are reintegrated. This package includes basic materials like a bed, a matrace, a bucket, a sponge and a towel. Moreover the children receive some new clothes and a mango tree.
A lot of people helped to carry things
We also support the families with food like rice, maize and beans for a period of time, to improve their living standard. After some time we reduce the amount of food, to achieve sustainability, which is one of the highest aims of our work. Moreover the families are part of micro credit programme, which helps them to become financially independent. 

The social workers go regularly to the families for home visits. So the children which are currently reintegrated are on an intensive supervision and monitoring to ensure their proper reunification.
Hakeem and Nashira with their mother and their sister Rahi
and their brother Ayuuba.
There is also a childrens meeting every month were different topics, like education, health, good behaviour, child rights and responsibilities and many other related issues that help to improve their knowledge, are discussed. 

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