Freitag, 26. April 2013

Nyaaba and MBA Wuni

Hello our names are Nyaaba and MBA Wuni,

We are brothers.
We are living in the Foster Care Community, but soon we will be reintegrated.

MBA Wuni: I am in class 1 in the primary school and my favourite subject is english. My favourite food is spaghetti and Milo (cocoa). I like elephants and playing games.

Nyaaba: I like it to play with my brother, to go to homework lessons and to watch movies in the Foster Care Community.

MBA Wuni our acrobat

Nyaaba like pictures
MBA Wuni, Volunteer Mirijam, Asana and Nyaaba are sitting
next to the volunteers compound
MBA Wuni and Nyaaba are playing in the
Foster Care Community


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