Samstag, 6. April 2013

Mirijam R.Volunteer

Dasuba!!N’yuuri Mirijam. N’yala yuumpiisiniayi.

Good morning!!
My name is Mirijam. I am 22 years old.

I am working as a volunteer in the project of BRAVEAURORA in Guabuliga. I have been here since 4 months now and I really enjoyed my time so far. As a volunteer I am working directly with the children in the Foster Care Community.

My duties are to plan recreational activities, bring the children to the hospital when they are ill, help and encourage them to learn and study for school (homework lessons), help to improve their hygienic situation, educate them in different topics and try to solve their daily problems.:)
Moreover we have a lot of fun together and learn from each other every day.

I work close with Severin the project leader, Dahamata the host mother and all other staff of BRAVEAURORA.

During the last month I worked also as a social worker here. I finished my studies of social work in September 2012 in Austria. So it was a good and very interesting experience for me to work here as a social worker in the reintegration project. I loved the work with the families (home visits) in the village and I learned a lot.

I really like and enjoy my time in Guabuliga. Every day brings a lot of new experiences, adventures, but also challenges.

It’s wonderful how friendly and welcoming the people in the village are. So I am very much looking forward to my next four months in Guabuliga.

N’sufu bei Guabuliga.

My heart is in Guabuliga.

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