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Dear friends of BRAVEAURORA,

Our names are David, Rahi, Nuura and Mariam. We were baptized on 30 th of April. It was the Easter Sunday. We want to tell you something about the ceremony.
For the ceremony we bought a white candle and white cloth, which we gave to a tailor and he sewed nice clothes for us.

That's how we looked like on our special day
Before the ceremony we had to go to three baptism interviews, who were held by the "prayer leader". There we were asked a lot of questions about the Christian religion. For example: “Who is the founder of Christians? Who did god give ten commandments to? Where did Mary gave birth to Jesus?” Our prayer leader advised us to pray every morning. 
Nuura holding her candle
One day before our baptism, we choosed our godfather or godmother. Our godfather/godmother will help us, if we have some questions about the Christian religion. If we won’t go to church regularly they will talk with us.
Mariam with her godmother
We all have also Christian names. The Christian name of David is David, the Christian name of Rahi is Rose, the Christian Name of Nuura is Mary and the Christian name of Mariam is Marvis.
We all really enjoyed the ceremony and we were all very happy on this day.

This is the altar in our church

Rahi:"I received the baptism, because I want to be free from sins and I want to be clean with god.
When you are baptized you will talk in god ways to people, who don't know god.You'll start to forgive people their sins. If people treat you without respect, you'll forgive them."
David: "I wanted to be baptized, because I want to be neat and I don’t want to have problems with anybody. I don’t want to sin. Now I do morning prayers every day."

David receives the host

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