Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Madam Judith - Social Worker


I am Madam Judith and a BRAVEAURORA social worker. I have been working with BRAVEAURORA for almost two years.

My duties are to carry out ongoing supervision and monitoring, documentation of supervisions, support meeting, monthly reimbursement of support and counselling, school attendance supervision and working with parents to identify goals for the children in their care.

I am patient, love for children, understand childhood development, listening to people and dedicated to duties. What I love to do most is homevisiting.

Madam Judith with Mba Wuni in her office

Madam Judith carries mattresses for the reintegration of Fisu, Salifu, Tahiro and Charles

Things which the chilren need at home

Madam Judith and Madam Suzie (social worker) are talking with Jennifas family

Mba Wuni with Madam Judith in the homeworklesson

Asana with Madam Judith at a classroom

Hakeem, Madam Judith, Asana und Madam Suzie in the office

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