Samstag, 5. Januar 2013


Dear friends of BRAVEAURORA!

As in Austria, the Ghanaian school children have Christmas holidays now, but here it's already the third week.
This week from Tuesday to Saturday 
we offered the children from the BRAVEAURORA orphanage four different workshops so that they can make the best out of their time and get some education.
On Sunday we will present the village people what the kids have learned in a small show.

Mirijam made their own juggling balls and "pois" with the kids  (as a performance art, Poi involves swinging weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. It is originated with the Māori people of New Zealand
). The children have learned how to handle these balls in different ways. This group will prepare a circus show with acrobatics and juggling for the presentation on Sunday.

Awalu is playing with the "pois"

Raphael is juggling and Mba Wuni and Joe are playing with the "pois".

Mba Wuni and Joe... 


 Magdalena offerred some insight about the different continents on our planet. She told them a lot of things about different animals, the landscape and about the people there. The children were very interested how the houses are looking like and also how the climate is in Austria.

Iddrisu and Magdalena with the poster which they drew at the workshop

Jaliu, Nashiru, Isaac and Iddrisu are learing about animals

Jaliu, Nashiru and Iddrisu are drawing animals

At the Fulani´s house - we learned something about the milk

Isaac and Iddrisu are reading books about the different houses in the world

A former teacher of the school taught children how to weave baskets.

Weaving baskets

The boys are learing how to weave baskets.

Pius with Mr. John...

...and his brother Augustine with his basket

The new baskets

Lisi tried to teach the children how to build an oven and how to make bread and cakes. She produced "Sauerkraut" and cheese with her group.
In addition, Lisi explained to them what they can gain from different animals. Important, because many sheep, goats and donkeys are living in the village but which are not milked; and sheep are not used to get wool.
These things are very interesting for children as well as adults. With this knowledge they can maybe start 
a new business. That's why Lisi invited four women from different families to participate in this workshop.

The women are tasting "Austrian" bread

The children are building the oven

The group with the completed oven

Greasing the baking dish

Lisi is showing them how to put the bread inside the oven

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