Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Asana Yahaya, 7 years


my name is Asana and I am 7 years old. My friends also call me "little Asana".

I have one junior brother and two senior brothers.

My favourite meals are bananans, oranges and fufu.

After school, I like to visit our homeworklessons and after this, I meet my friends to play with them. 
My favourite subject at school is english. When I grown up, I want to be a tailor.

After Dinner, we have the evening programm in the Foster Care Community with our volunteers. I like "playing games" and "music and dance".

Little Asana is going to the homeworklesson

Asana at the homework lesson with volunteer Mirijam

Mirijam, social worker Madam Judith and Asana in the social workers office

Falira, Asana and Fusheina

At the evening programme - Asana is producing stars

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