Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012

Isaac Dahamani, 15 years


On Monday, 03th of December, Amina, Lisi and Magdalena the Volunteers and I drove to Bolgatanga because I had to check my eyes at the hospital!

I stood up in the morning like every day. 
After breakfast I went to school. Suddenly Amina collected me and told me, that we have to go to Bolga to the hospital for my eye-check. She told me this the evening before, but I had forgotten it. I changed my clothes and then we first went to Walewale, to bring some people to the market.

In Bolga, we had to look for the hospital, because we all haven’t known, where it was. But some minutes later we found it. 
At first we had to fill out a new folder for me. Later we went to the doctor for the eye-check. The nurse did some tests with my eyes and then the doctor talked to me.

When I was finished in the hospital, we went to the market and bought some staff for the orphanage. Later we went home. It was a nice day in Bolga.

Isaac and Amina in the BRAVEAURORA car on the way to Bolgatanga

Isaac is waiting outside the hospital

Isaacs Patient Folder and the National Health Insurance Card

Like Isaac, all children under the care of BRAVEAURORA as well as all employees are insured at the NHIS (National Health Insurance Scheme) - which provides free health care and medication at the public hospitals.

Isaac and Lisi, Volunteer, are waiting for the doctor


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