Freitag, 30. November 2012

David Imoro, 14 years

Dear white People!

My Name is David and I am 14 years old.

Last Saturday, on the 24th of November, I was with my friends and my parents at our fire festival at chiefs palace. First we went to the house from our chief and we were waiting for him. Later, when chief was coming, everybody has some wood and we burned it. 
It was very beautiful. There were many people and we had a lot of fun!

Later in the evening we walked to the church. After church we played some music. 
It was a very funny day.

David is opening the food store after school

David has lunch after school
David and his school books

David is working with the maize

Magdalena - Volunteer, David, Amina, Falira, Watchman, Peter - Farmer


David with gardener Malam in BRAVEAURORAS garden

David is sitting on the tires in the Volunteers Compound

David with the bicycle

David with the little cat

Cutting soap in the evening, Amina, David and Falira
 Every Saturday all children recieve some soap for washing the body and some soap for washing the clothes. So tomorrow is washing day.

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