Samstag, 17. November 2012

Charles Iddirisu, 8 years

Hello, my name is Charles!

I am 8 years old and I live in the small village Guabuliga.

I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. Now I am in Primary 2 and my favourite subject is English. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher because I like to be in the school.

My best friend is Kayu and he is in my class. We both like to go to farm after school. 

Every day after school, my brothers Salifu, Fisuu and I ride home from school on our donkey. Thats very funny for us.

My favourite meals are all typs of rice, for example plain rice, fried rice or jollof rice.

On the 15th of November I was reintegrated with my brothers in my family and now I share my room with Salifu, Jaliu and Ikasha. It was one of the best days in my life and I enjoyed it!
Now my mum and my grandparents will take care of me. My dad died when I was a little baby.

In the classroom with his friends.

Charles is sitting in the middle, and the boy left to him is Hakeem. Hakeem used to live in the orphanage as well, but was already reintegrated through the BRAVEAURORA social workers Madam Judith and Madam Suzie

Charles on the right side with his best friend Kayu on the left

Jump on the donkey

Riding the donkey home after school: Charles, Fisuu, Salifu

Charles takes the mattress from the Foster Care Community to his home

Charles with Madam Dahamata, the host mother in the Foster Care Community

The last meal in the old orphanage       

The children who live in the Foster Care Community recieve three meals a day. The meals are prepared in the kitchen, which is located in the old orphanage. 
On the 15th of November Charles and his brothers rgot their last food and the took their bowls to their home.

After the reintegration the family will recieve every month a so called "reintegration food". Like this we support the family with their efforts to take care of their children themselfes. 

From now on Charles and his brothers can eat at home every day!

Social Workers Judith and Suzie plus Zenabu

The buckets, with the mattresses, clothes and sponge, are for the reintegrated children. 
Also on the picture is Madam Zenabu. She is doing maintenance and on Sundays she is cooking for the children.

Charles with the new clothes in the old orphanage

The children put the things for their home on the car

Charles in his new room with his brother Jaliu

That is the room, where Charles and Salifu now will live. Also their brothers Ikasha and Jaliu live in this room. Ikasha and Jaliu also used to live in the BRAVEAURORA orphanage, but were reintegrated some time ago.

All four of them are brothers, but not in the way how you understand it in German language/ in the western culture. In many cases the man has more than one wife, so families are huge and many people have a big number of siblings: "same father, different mother". Charles told us in the beginning that he has 2 sisters and 1 brother - but he also said that he rides with his brothers Fisuu and Salifu to and from school...

Social Worker Madam Judith, Charles, Tahiro, Salifu, Fisuu and Severin, the Project Manager

The four children were reintegrated on the 15th of November!

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