Mittwoch, 7. Februar 2018

Termly Teachers Meeting

After reopening the 2nd term,  the Termly-Teachers meeting organised by BA was held. After a few introductory and motivating words, each school gave updates on current activities and positive changes as well as challenges and further plans. It was also a platform for BRAVEAURORA to give updates on projects and activities.

The socialworkers drew the teachers' attention to the SACS (Social Advisory and Counselling Service) of BRAVEAURORA and encouraged all; including the teachers, and students and the community members to come when they need psychosocial support.

When the issue of too less furniture in the schools was raised, BA was happy to be able to announce the very near solution to this problem.  Thankful for a big Donation, BA is able to support the school with 250 dual desks and textbooks for the Primary school and Junior High School!

Not being the end of the great news, BA awarded the best teacher of 2016/17  academic year – the qualifying teacher appeared joyful and surprised for his award.
All in all, the meeting was rich in suggestions and ideas on how to proceed in the schools. The teachers were equally appreciative of the marvellous piece of news given to them.

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