Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018

Designing the Guabuliga Market

A group of six students of [a]FA led by Professor Baerbel Mueller have been in Guabuliga the past days to conduct research, plan and design a market for the community in collaboration with Braveaurora and the traditional leadership.

Design team with BA staff, Chief and elders after a presentation. Photo credit: Toms Kampars

Guabuliga in the past had a thriving market which brought together assorted goods and services from far and near. The market has for some years now been moribund and it is with a renewed spirit that all stakeholders work to revamp it. A site has been proposed to the community and an outline will be outdoored soon.

An aerial view of Guabuliga with focus on the proposed site. Photo credit: Jonathan Paljor

It's the hope of everyone involved to restore the market to it's former glory. The vision is to make it a hub for organically grown produce and it is also envisaged to serve as a one-stop-shop for all household needs-- catalysing growth and development in the area.

Brainstorming session. Photo credit: Baerbel Mueller

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