Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

BA Team Clashes With Training Center Beneficiaries ;)

As the popular adage goes "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" Following this mantra, BA organised a football gala with the skills training beneficiaries in Guabuliga. The football game saw the BA team go head-to-head with the former skills training beneficiaries and the present beneficiaries.

As BA eschews paying lipservice to equity, it added some feminine touch to its team. Coming out in their numbers, the more muscular and masculine opposing teams showed up poised for action with threats to send the BA team to the gallows. Despite the threats, the BA team looked on with optimism and ever-ready to conquer the day. 

The very exciting and fiercely competed first round of play saw all teams bringing out their best resulting in goalless draws. After a 15 minute recess, Action started again.

The second round of play proved to be the ultimate tie-breaker. The BA team conveniently dealt the trainees with a 3 goal to nil win affirming it's football prowess. The match ended with cheers for the winning side and an outpour of congratulatory messages for the effort. The BA team thanked the entrepreneurs for their efforts and admonished them to keep their spirits high as they work everyday to put a dent on poverty.

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