Sonntag, 17. Dezember 2017

Young Ambassadors Visit Ghana Airborne Force

Members of the trailblazing Young Ambassadors Programme decided to take an excursion to the Airborne Force on Friday to acquaint themselves with the work and activities of the force. The trip was powered by Braveaurora to incentivise the hardworking team for the good job done in reaching communities on family-based care over the year.

The decision was reached after carefully considering the relevance of the force in the country's security and disaster response. Happy to welcome the ambassadors, the officers took them through theoretical and practical aspects of their work. 

Some daring ambassadors had the opportunity to go through a number of simulations. They also got to watch the landing of an aircraft and the dynamics involved in parachuting. 

The Force expressed their joy to the ambassadors for their work and extended an open invitation to them anytime they would like to visit. The ambassadors also thanked the officers for their great service to the nation. They parted with joy and content. 

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