Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017

Braveaurora donates to School and Clinic

Braveaurora during the week donated some trashcans and library books to the Guabuliga Schools and Clinic. This was done in line with the organisation's longstanding aim of supporting partners put an end to the indiscriminate disposal of waste in the community and also to improve learning among students. 

Receiving the items on behalf of the schools, the head teachers expressed their appreciation to Braveaurora for the continuous support to the school. They also promised to put the items into good use. They were excited about the face-lift the trashcans would give the school environment and how much the children would love the new books. 

The nurse in-charge of the Clinic also extended his outfit's profound gratitude to Braveaurora for the kind gesture. He added the clinic's indebtedness to the organisation and stressed that they will put all items donated by Braveaurora to optimal use. 

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