Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017

Cultural Experience in Guabuliga

Dear Braveaurora friends,

Since beginning of November I am working as a volunteer with BRAVEAURORA in Guabuliga. The cultural exchange you can get through such an opportunity is huge – in the first moment everything was extremely different and it took me some time, till I got used to my new life circumstances. However, it was and is still very interesting getting to know Ghana - especially Guabuliga - with its culture, nature and friendly people!

Coming from Vienna, the capital of Austria, one big differences for me is living that close in the nature with free running animals. It is fascinating to see, how fast you are getting used to the easier life circumstances, e.g. having a shower with one bucket, eating and cooking with a few bowls and cups and washing your clothes with your hands.

Also, the work takes part under different circumstances e.g. being on time is in Ghana not that closely than in Austria, and fallen out electricity or bad (okay, very bad) internet connection are challenges of daily work. Because of my profession as a kindergartenteacher, the observation of the kindergarten in Guabuliga was very interesting for me. The differences are huge too, like the room and teaching methods are more like school, learning reading and writing is very important, there are 50 and more children in one class and there is less/broken furniture and nearly no teaching or playing material.

However, I like going through Guabuliga and hearing stories about the past, and I can see, how things changed through the support of BRAVEAURORA and are going to change further. I am glad to support BRAVEAURORA in its work for the next months and being a small part of this huge phenomenon – BRAVEAURORA, with exemplary attitudes, great ideas, big aims and huge engagement! đŸ˜Š

All the best,
volunteer from November2017 till May2018

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