Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016

Cleaning Guabuliga

There's one bugging issue all over Ghana:  the trash! Committed to supporting community development, Braveaurora started a program to clean Guabuliga. We have readied ourselves to fight against this problem in two ways. The first is, changing the mentality of the villagers. For that we go through the various sections of the community to motivate the people to clean their areas with us. Since Monday the 2nd of May, we started  cleanup exercises with the community. From Monday to Saturday, we visit the different sections; one section per day with our motivated team and a band of drummers for the exercise. The second way we try to clean Guabuliga is by buying trashcans for the streets. The community do not have an effective waste disposal system so it is no surprise that everyone throws trash on the ground. Just a few days ago, 12 metal trashcans arrived in Guabuliga to help solve the issue. The next step is to distribute these to the village. The result of the sanitation program until now is that, it was very hard to mobilize the people to help because of their missing interest in environmental pollution- we are making steady progress. We will keep on cleaning and see where it brings us :)  

Compiled by Roman.
Wrapping up on a cleanup exercise; Roman, Ziblim and some kids

Madam Suzie showcasing some of the trashcans
Cleanup underway

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