Sonntag, 22. Mai 2016

Donation of Trashcans to Guabuliga

BA, on Wednesday the 18th of May, in a small ceremony donated 12 trashcans to the people of Guabuliga. The donation of the bins was planned to coincide with the monthly sanitation committee meeting. This ensured that all stakeholders and opinion leaders in the community were duly represented to receive insights on the work of the committee. Because of the quintessence of the donation, it took place at Guabuliga Chief’s palace; drumming the presence of sectional leaders, committee members, staff of BA, community elders, and the Chief himself. BA seized the opportunity to rehash the importance of sanitation to participants. The platform was also used to reward Nayiri Fong (A section of the community) for their impressive performance during the sanitation inspections. Receiving the reward and donation on behalf of Nayiri Fong and the community respectively, Chief M.S.Tampuri commended BA for the excellent projects and assured his unflinching support to the work of the organization. He also reechoed the importance of sanitation and tasked the various sections to ensure the safety and efficient use of the bins. Participants and the sectional heads also made pledges to foster sanitation both at the household and community levels as they aspire to create a model community in the district. 
A panoramic view of participants  

Participants discussing the state of sanitation in Guabuliga

Chief M.S. Tampuri receiving the trashcans for the community 

Sanitation Committee members posing for the camera with staff of BA

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