Sonntag, 24. April 2016


Construction of a 10,000ft2 garden wall is currently underway in Guabuliga. The garden project, which is under the broad umbrella of BRAVEAURORA’s Livelihood Promotion Programme is constructed by local experts using indigenous tools and materials. To foster a sense of ownership, individuals from the various sections of the community lend their support to the construction process. Once complete, the garden is envisaged to serve as a training field for locals interested in extending their knowledge in organic farming- twelve budding local farmers have already been selected to undergo the training. As a year-round project, the garden will also be a demonstration farm to locals who want to learn about off-season farming and the different varieties of crops suitable for the area. The training will be led by a team of professionals from the Asiribisi Self Help Initiative who have amassed years of experience in organic farming techniques. Construction is in the final stage and the training has been slated to start in the coming month. Shots of the construction are shared below: 
Masons at work.

A view of the wall

Preparing mud for the construction

Preparing the ground

A mason at work whilst a trainee looks on

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