Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016


Last Monday, the 8th of February some pupils, local village people and the volunteers started to tidy up around the school and main road of Guabuliga. It is important to take the first step.
On this morning there was a BA meeting, all the staff members were motivated to help with the project.
Jasmin went through the classes to inform the pupils about the “project” after school -> HELP was needed. Melanie visited the community lead on the waste project- “Ziblim” the day before the exercise for discussions on how the activity will be conducted.  Big bags were organised to collect the waste.
After school around 2.30pm lots of pupils came together to support the exercise. Nothing succeeds like success. Many locals of Guabuliga joined the project. This afternoon was very successful and fulfilling for everyone. After a few hours, the school environs and the main road was spick and span!
Together with the children, the team burned the whole trash, it was a good day to show all the people especially the pupils the importance of cleaning up!

Melanie & Jasmin

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