Montag, 1. Februar 2016

Parents/ children meeting in front of the office

Parents meeting was on Monday, 25th of January it was good to get in contact with them on our first day. Eklimatu; a soial worker of BRAVEAURORA introduced us to the parents and they  introduced themselves.  They gave us an overview about the children they are taking care of. The only problem is that most of the parents aren't able to speak english because of their low education.
For this meeting 14 parents appeared.

Two days later there was the childrens meeting. The main topic for this meeting was about their education; attendance and grades in school. The kids are supported with materials for school for example books, pens and school uniforms. They have to explain why some of them aren't as good as their classmates. None of them could  give a good answer about this issue. Some of them are just not interested in school at all. The social workers keep trying to inform the children that it is important for them to attend school.

Volunteers Jasmin & Melanie

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