Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Football match: Braveaurora vs local village people

Nearly every day pupils of the Guabuliga schools play football on the field behind the school. Melanie had the idea to organize a football match with the local village people. At the Braveaurora meeting, Melanie mentioned the idea to the BA members. Everybody was delighted and looked forward to play against the home team. The idea was interesting to staff as some of them hadn´t played football for ages. :-)
The team of Braveaurora included some members of BA, the volunteers and some of the former orphanage children. The team was well dressed and had a great time :-)
Melanie organized water, a referee, 2 assistant referees , a whistle and a ball....let the match begin!!!
The match started at 5.00pm on thursday, 11th february. Everybody was motivated to win this match. Lots of spectators cheered for their favorite teams. The first goal was for the BA team, but unfortunately the local village people won 3:2......we did very well!
At the end everybody enjoyed the match, maybe there will be a return match to get a chance to beat the local village players :-)

Melanie & Jasmin

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