Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013


Hello friends of Braveaurora,

My name is Vanessa, I’m 20 years old and I come from Germany. I’m in Guabuliga since the 30th of September. I will stay here as a volunteer and after that I want to study social work in Germany. My hobbies are dancing, reading, meeting my friends. At home I went to a dance lesson once a week and I really like to dance also on the weekend. I've never been outside of Europe before, but I think Ghana is a very exciting country, and I’m curious to what I will sample in this time.
In my first week I visited with Suzie, the social worker, two of the reintegration families and it was very exciting to see how they live and how they work in their compound.
At school I visited the quiz competition. It was nice to see how motivated the children are.
All the people here in Guabuliga are very friendly and helpful and I thank Braveaurora that I can gain experience here!

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