Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

Pomade Production and Parents meeting

Dear all,

we want to tell you about our workshop and the parents meeting today. In the morning the women had a workshop and they learned how to make the “pomade”. It is a cream with shea butter. We made this cream with orange pealing, shea butter and the wax of some candles. We had to cook this for a long time untill the colour and the consistency had changed. After that we filled it in some small tubes and now it has to dry for some days. Now all of the women know how to make the “pomade” and they can try it again at home and in future some of them maybe can even sell it on the market.
After this cooking time, we had our parents meeting. The main topic was the Micro Credit Program and how the people can have a sustainable benefit from it -  and not only a one-time benefit. They had some good ideas how to profit from the credits and we gave them a small “homework”: they have to divide themselves into groups and sit together and think about their business idea.
Pomade production in the old orphanage

Orange pealing: one of the incredients


BRAVEAURORA micro credit group with social workers and project manager

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