Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

Reintegration food

Today the families recieved their reintegration food. In the morning Peter, the BRAVEAURORA farmer, harvested with the parents the maize from the farm. After that, I (Vanessa) helped Suzie and Eklimatu, the BRAVEAURORA social workers, with the distribution of the food. Every family recieved for each child five bowls of rice, four bowls of maize and one bowl of beans per child. We handed out the food to the families in the old orphanage.
After lunch I went back to the old orphanage and Peter, me and some kids put the maize in one room for drying. This was hard work for such a sunny day!
Suzie hands out the food


A parent with two full bowls of maize and beans

Women waiting for their food

I tried my best :)

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