Samstag, 17. August 2013

Project Fando

This week we started a project with a disabled boy from our community. He is ten years old and his name is Mfando. Mfando`s left arm and foot are debilitated and he isn`t able to walk for 9 years now.
We started this project because a teacher from Austria spent a big amount of money with her class to us to help this boy – many, many thanks to Mrs Erika and her pupils!

We went for a two-day’s journey to the Tamale Teaching Hospital (one of the best hospitals in the Northern Region). They made a lot of test with Mfando and two doctors examined him. They told us that he had suffered from Polio as a child. The effect is, that the brain is affected and because of that he`s not able to walk. They also told us, that the best idea would be to consult a neurologist, but in the Northern Region they don`t have one. So the only possibility is to go to an orthopedic specialist – hopefully he can tell us how to help Mfando. We have to come back next week to the hospital, because the specialist is only working on Tuesdays.

All together we had two exhausting days in Tamale because we had to wait many hours and were sent from one doctor to another. On the other side we`re getting closer to help Mfando and he had a great and exciting time there because it was his first time to be in a city. 
Ready to start the journey: Halidu (Mfandos uncle), Mfando, Julia (volunteer), Eklimatu (social worker)

The doctor takes blood from Fando for the tests.

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