Sonntag, 25. August 2013

Meeting Week

This week Sarah, one of the founders and board members of Braveaurora visited Guabuliga. She is 25 years old, holds a Masters degree of social work and trains many people on issues like human rights and civilcourage. It is her fifth time in Guabuliga and she calls it her second home already.

We had many meetings with her, where we explained and discussed different topics with the staff of Braveaurora, the parents and the children. These meetings are taken place every month.
At the staff meeting the employees of Braveaurora talked about their work of the last month - if there were any problems or developments. For example, the social workers talked about their families-visits or the educational coordinator told us about some changes in the school system. And Sarah explained new projects to them – the foster-care-community building will turn into a training center for the whole community. The project will be developed with the ideas of the stuff and members of Braveaurora.

We also had a parents meeting where we talked about the microcredit program. The caretakers of the children should become more self consistent and no more dependend on Braveaurora. Because of this the support package for the kids will be reduced. Many of the things will be still provided for them, like the school materials. Food and hygienic articles will be reduced slowly. In the end the parents should be able to buy these things  on their own because of the microcredit program.

Parents and Caretakers of the Braveaurora Children.

At the kids meeting we also talked about reducing the support package, which was very difficult for the children to understand. The school materials like school uniform and slippers will be provided once a year. School books, pencils and pens will be given to them every term. If they attend Junior High School every pupil is getting a school bag with a high quality. At the end of the meeting every child got an orange, like we do every month and they were very happy about it. 

The Braveauora kids

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