Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

Making Pancakes

Today we had a great workshop. I (Julia, the volunteer) showed some women from the village how to make pancakes. We had a great afternoon and the taste of the pancakes showed us, that we were successful.
We made the paste together and then, after making a fire, every woman could make her own pancake with the pan. They could choose jam or peanut butter to put it on it. All the women were very fascinated how easy it was and they learned really fast. Finally we tasted the pancakes and they were delicious.
Most of the ingredients you get in Guabuliga (milk, eggs, salt), flour, jam, peanut butter or honey you have to buy in the next city. 

The idea of the workshop was that the woman can make the pancakes themselves and sell it in Guabuliga or in Walewale at the market day. Some things are expensive for the village people (eggs and jam). I suggested that the women can buy it in a group, make together the pancakes and then they sell it at the market and make their own money. Hopefully they`ll really do it and are successful.

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