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thomas und mathias, social worker students

My name is Mathias (Hiasi) and I am 24 years old. I study Social Work in Vienna and I am doing an internship in Guabuliga. I started in April and I will stay here until the end of July. I am working together with the Social Workers Madam Suzie and Madame Eklimatu. Twice a week I am visiting seven reintegrated children, living in three different families. Apart from that there are many different things to do, like doing the homework lesson (learning with the children during the week for one hour). 
I am staying together with my friend and collegue Thomas in a nice family in the village. The completely different lifestyle is very intressting for me. I really like the silence in Guabuliga, above all a little hill called holy mary from where you can see the whole village. We are also very often sitting together with our neighbour and friend Mr. Joe where you can enjoy a cold drink in the evening. The people are nice, the food is good (yummy fresh mangos) and the weather is hot so all in all I am really enyoing living here and I would like to stay here for longer.

Dinjam bella (small time) Mathias

Me and the children at the cleaning exercise

Me, Md. Eklimatu, Mr. Severin and Md. Suzie at the parents meeting
Me and Md. Suzie in the hospital in Walewale at the childrens health check

Learning together with Njaba at the homeworklesson            

Hey there, 
I am Thomas, 26 years young and a socialworker student on an internship in Ghana. As Hiasi told you, we have severel activities with the children and many other things to do here.
I want to tell you about the kindness and friendlyness of the community of Guabuliga. Everybody seems to be happy and friendly. Greetings of strangers are normal and great. You cannot walk on the street without meeting somebody and talking with him about your behaviour and other things of interest. Every Ghanian helps you, if you need help and everybody cares about you, if you don´t feel good. The children are always happy and want to help you with everything. When you walk on the road, carring something, the children will come and help you. Guabuliga is a place, where you can find friends on every corner and Mathias and I became friends with many people here.

Like the sun, the friendlyness of Guabuliga burns right into your heart and you can see it in every face. 
I enjoy the sun and I am afraid of leaving this part of our world to early.

small time Thomas 
(or as a friend calls me: Mr. Tommytomyyy)

Practicing exercises with the children at homeworklesson in school

Children helping me with my bags

Almost lost on the street in Guabuliga

Working with children means fun !!!

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