Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016


The Walewale District Health Directorate, the Catholic Diocese and BRAVEAURORA jointly commissioned the Guabuliga St Joseph the Worker Clinic to offer 24 hour health service to the people of Guabuliga and surrounding communities. This dream came to its fullest culmination after four years of hard work, determination, perseverance and focus on the goal. It has taken substantial time investment from the Chief of Guabuliga and BRAVEAURORA whose collective objective has been to offer the best healthcare for the community. This venture was initiated based on the necessity to avoid travelling to Walewale for medical care and its resultant adverse implications.

The largely attended sod-cutting ceremony is a stepping stone to greater health and medical services in Guabuliga, which will also PROVIDE for neighboring communities.

BRAVEAURORA is really proud to demonstrate that once determination and the will to achieve is embedded in the development drive, everything is possible. With this success behind us, the team is poised to do more for the benefit of all communities in the West Mamprusi District.


cross section of chief and his elders

these are the two nurses stationed at the Guabuliga Clinic 

District Director of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Abdulai Salifu addressing the durbar

Guabuliga chief screened during the commissioning ceremony

chief and Dr. Salifu jointly commissioning the clinic

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