Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016

Accomodation for Health Workers

BRAVEAURORA adopts a catalogue of tried and tested projects in our drive towards poverty alleviation and community development. One of these interventions include the Social Infrastructure programme which is a core pillar of our development model. A central project under this programme is the Guabuliga Clinic Project which seeks to support the full functioning of a clinic in Guabuliga in order to bring health to the doorsteps of the locals. To achieve this, BA has over the years worked with several stakeholders including the Walewale District Health Directorate and Catholic Health Unit towards the realization of the goal. Fortunately, the years of work have finally paid off and the clinic which hitherto ran monthly is set to operate daily. Standing firm to our commitment, BA has refurbished a two-bedroom apartment for the two nurses stationed at the clinic. Meant for teachers, the apartment was uninhabited for years and left to the vagaries of the weather. Now fully renovated, the nurses go about their work with glee knowing they have a decent place to lay their heads after a long day’s work. Below are some shots of the facility.

A picture of the apartment before the renovation

The apartment after renovation

The back entrance of the apartment before refurbishment

The back entrance of the apartment after refurbishment

The two nurses at work

Front elevation of the clinic

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  1. I appreciate how you "talked it out" rather than just posting a pretty see-what-I-did picture! What's a sailor pen, though?
    Fully renovated 2 Bedroom apartment