Montag, 14. Juli 2014

internship in Guabuliga

Dear BRAVEAURORA-friends,

Since the 27th of May, we (Katharina & Sarah) are staying in Guabuliga and doing our internship here. We are both from Austria and studying together at the University of Applied Science 'Social Work' in Linz. Our internship is going to end in the middle of August, so there are only a few weeks left for staying at this beautiful place. The first weeks have been full of emotions and new impressions, but now we have both the feeling that we have arrived.

Like you see on the picture, we try to discover the northern part of Ghana on the weekends. 
From Monday to Friday we are working in Guabuliga with the two social workers, Madam Suzie and Madam Eklimatu. Part of our work is to visit the reintegrated orphans at their homes and to look after their wellbeing. We take part on different BRAVEAURORA-projects, like the Young-Ambassador-Program or the trainings-centre and help where we can. Every day in the evening we offer basic-english-lessons for the adults from Guabuliga. It is also really interesting to get in contact with other organizations, for example the Department of Social Welfare in Walewale and to discuss different topics. So you see, we have a lot of things to do... :)

Bye for now,
Katharina & Sarah

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