Freitag, 4. April 2014

BRAVEAURORA: Small Moves – Big Change

BRAVEAURORAs history started in summer 2008. Sarah Ebieshuwa, Tamara Pottfay and Julia Weberbauer came to the community of Guabuliga, in the Northern Region of Ghana, to do their internship in the orphanage. Live for the children in the orphanage was shocking: there was not enough food, they did not attend school and sicknesses like malaria and typhoid were common.

The three students sent E-Mails to their families and friends and asked them for support for the 45 orphans. They received many donations and were like this able to satisfy the basic needs of the children. Through this E-Mail also Christin Forstinger became aware about the situation I Guabuliga, and together these four ladies founded the NGO BRAVEAURORA, which was registered in 2009 in Austria and Switzerland.

This happened 5 years ago – and many things were archived during this time. To really show the donors what happens on the ground, a short movie (about 30 minutes) was shot in Guabuliga – and each employee has some time to talk about his/her involvement into the project. BRAVEAURORA wants to thank all donors for their donations and trust over the years. The movie can be watched here:

We are always happy to get feedback and want to thank all donors once again – without your support all this would not be possible! Only if this support continues, we are enabled to continue to work in the community of Guabuliga! Thank you very much!
For more details please see our homepage:

Christin, Julia and Sarah

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