Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

Update from Guabuliga

Dear friends of BRAVEAURORA!

I want to apologize - it has been a long time since you could read here about our activities. The reason is that we do not have any volunters on sight since the beginning of November, and things have been really busy.

I picked out a few of so many events that happned since the last post to give you some update on our activities here.

In Ghana children have to wear school uniform in school. BRAVEAURORA still supports the children who formally lived in the orphanage with several items - including school uniforms! As things take more time in Ghana than in Austria, it also took the tailor a long time before he finished all school uniforms. But in the end we recieved them and all children do attend school now in their new, neat uniforms!

BA spocial worker Suzie with some of the new uniforms

Some of the boys present happily their new uniforms!

BRAVEAURORA has a maize farm, where we do ecological farming - without any chemicals. Together with our parents and children we harvested the maize. Later it was processed, and in the end we got a little bit more than 7 bags - which will help us with the "reintegration food" for more than 2 months!


Taking a break from the work in the hot sun

The maize was pealed

BA farmer Peter dries the maize

We got more than 7 bags!!

In the whole of Ghana the environment is not all that clean, especially plastic bags are found everywhere. The same problem is also in Guabuliga, and in the school compound. BRAVEAURORA bought some dustbins for the school, and to start to educate the children about keeping their environment clean, we did some general cleaning exercise in the school.

We pick, pick... the school compound

We were able to sollect several of these "mountains"

Through BRAVEAURORA there is a computer laboratory in the school of Guabuliga. In the beginning 5 computers were given to us. After some negotiations GES (Ghana Education Service) agreed to add us 5 additional computers! Now there are 10 computers in the lab - which is great! Keeping in mind that e.g. the number of students in Junior High School 1 is 105, the number is still small - but it is far better than to be taught ICT just on a black board!

We are really grateful for these computers!!

Assembly Man Mr. Philip (right) brought the computers with his personal car

From left: BA Project Manager Mr. Severin, Assembly Man Mr. Philip, BA Social Woker Md. Eklimatu, ICT Teacher Master Mumi, BA Social Woker Md. Suzie, BA Education Coordinator Mr. Saibu

Now there are 10 computers!!
Thank you very much for reading, we will update more regulkarly again from now onwards!

Kind reagrds, Severin

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