Freitag, 9. März 2018

YAP Observes Open Day at Airforce Base

On Wednesday the 7th, the Young Ambassadors team took yet another exciting trip to the Airforce base in Tamale as part of the Open Day Celebrations. March 7 is earmarked nationally as an open day across the various garrisons of the armed forces in Ghana. On this day, the military showcase their work to students and the general public. 

As a followup to a trip made to the Airborne Force in December 2017, the team this time took advantage of the open day to visit the Airforce base. In this very exciting trip, the ambassadors were educated on the Airforce operations. They boarded a now defunct Forker 27 to learn about its mode of operation.

The team also had the chance to board a helicopter and take a short ride through the airport area. This was particularly thrilling for some of the members as it was their first time on an aircraft. The team members were with smiles after the flight with never-ending stories on how it felt. A parent said amidst giggles that “this is the first time I am seeing the world from up here—I have never felt this scared, yet so excited in my life.”

The team was thankful to Braveaurora for sponsoring the once-in-a-lifetime trip and expressed profound gratitude to all the donors for making it possible. Team members also showed appreciation to the force for the wonderful support and experience.

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