Samstag, 7. Oktober 2017

Review Meeting

On Friday the 6th of October, Braveaurora organised a review meeting in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare on the Unicef powered Social History and Post-reunification Stories project. The onus of the meeting was to present findings from the assessments so far and to discuss key findings with the various stakeholders. It was a platform to get participants' understanding of the project and to get them to unearth their experiences during the exercise.

As part of the objectives of the meeting, participants were tasked to dilate, in groups, on the provision of  a structured support package to reunited children and the benefits thereof. They also came up with vital components of a support package.

Interestingly, most outcomes of the meeting, went further to solidify the knowledge we already have concerning the reunification of children. Family based care is the best for all children and placement into institutions should be seen as the last resort. Exciting new learnings were also recorded from the assessments.

Putting this behind us, the team is now poised to start assessments in the West Mamprusi District. Both DSW and BA teams are prepared to hit the ground running. Pictures of the Review Meeting are shared below:

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