Freitag, 8. September 2017

Sensitisation Meeting in West Mamprusi District

In line with BA's objective to support institutionalized children enjoy appropriate parental and family care, together with the Department of Social Welfare, a sensitisation meeting was organised for former owners of orphanages in the West Mamprusi district.  The meeting aimed at building consensus and obtaining buy-in from stakeholders. Having worked with the vulnerable children, the former owners play a great role in supporting the BA and DSW teams to locate, assess and document post-reunification stories of the children. 

After successful assessments in five other districts in Northern Ghana, the team will commit two months to assessing over four hundred reintegrating children and families in the West Mamprusi district. Both BA and DSW staff are poised to kickoff the assessment after acquiring the backing of the former orphanage proprietors.

Pictures of the meeting are shared below:

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