Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

Welcome to Guabuliga

About three weeks ago I, Rici, arrived in Guabuliga. It took me about two weeks to get in touch with a lot of new people, to get to know the community norms and rules and I learned how to greet everyone in a proper way. Greeting is very important for  Ghanaians. Sometimes they visit each other just to greet or to ask after someone.

I'm here in Guabuliga to do my internship in social work. I first got in touch with Braveaurora through my University in Linz. I knew from the first moment that I wanted to spend some months in the beautiful village. Since I arrived, we started to implement a new project. Braveaurora established a partnership with UNICEF and is therefore responsible for whole northern Ghana to do a research on reintegrated children. Since the previous week we are testing questionnaires, prepared from UNICEF, to become acquainted with their work and to learn how to improve our collaboration. Next week a workshop will take place in Kumasi from another organisation called Challenging Heights. This organisation is already working in this area of well being and research on reintegrated children and their extended families. I'll get the chance to join this workshop and will keep you up to date about it next week.

Finally arrived in our compound 

In the field doing the research

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