Samstag, 18. März 2017


Two weeks ago, the BRAVEAURORA Board, the Strobl Family and an Austrian film team arrived in Guabuliga. Clemens Strobl is one of the most important donors of BRAVEAURORA. To honour the special  guests, the Chief and people of Guabuliga organized a big durbar. All trainees who benefited from BRAVEAURORA projects proudly presented their work. The reintegrated children also played a short sketch about their time in the orphanage. There was too much excitement that everyone consequently started dancing; not even our guests were able to stay on their seats.

To climax the occasion, Clemens was honored by the Chief with the Title “Maligu Naa” which means “Chief of Development”. By virtue of his title, Clemens is now allowed to sit next to the Chief and his council of elders. To get such a title is a real privilege! Clemens got in addition to that a traditional smock as a present. But not just Clemens got a present, as well, Martina – his wife – and Ninon their Daughter got some traditional clothing.

In appreciation of all the work which the Board members; Julia, Sarah and Christin did in the last 9 years, they were also presented and adorned with traditional clothing which they did not hesitate to use to show their dancing skills-- more than once!

The Austrian Television- ORF will broadcast a 15-Minute Report about the work BRAVEAURORA has done in the last 9 years. It is already the TV station's third report on BRAVEAURORA.

Trainees showcasing their work

Clemens on the dance floor

From left to right: Julia, Christin, Ninon, Sarah and Martina

Clemens looks on as he takes his rightful place by the Chief 

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