Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

BA Donates to Guabuliga Clinic

In BA’s work to trigger and sustain holistic community development, several facets of community needs are considered. It is fact, that a healthy population is an essential barometer for a developed community. In consonance, BA is passionate about making health more accessible and affordable to the rural poor. To achieve this goal, in this season of giving, BA donated drugs, equipment and material essentials to the Guabuliga St. Joseph the Worker Clinic. Receiving these items on behalf of the Clinic, Mr. Bismarck; Director of the Catholic Health Unit of the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese applauded BA for the continuous support to the facility and the people of Guabuliga. He pledged his outfit’s commitment to deliver quality healthcare to the people. He also noted that the facility will put the donated items to highest and best use. Witnessing the event, Naa Salifu Tampuri, Chief of Guabuliga also commended BA for the unflinching support to the community. He observed that as partners in development, the community is ever ready to support BA to bring development about. He noted that the people of Guabuliga will support BA with labor to put up a permanent accommodation for health workers in the community. The construction of the apartment is set to start before 2017.

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