Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016


Landscape Architect and BA’s external expert; Chrili Car paid a two-day visit to Guabuliga to support on projects and activities in the community. Due to his expertise and focal role on BA’s Greenbelt and Organic Garden projects, Chrili spent a chunk of his stay working in these areas. He provided technical direction to trainees of the organic garden project and lauded them for the wealth of knowledge already gathered in the field. He was particularly exultant that just a few months into training, a good number of them have started applying the acquired skills on their farms. In a small meeting with the Chief and some elders of the community to discuss the progress of the Greenbelt project and reflect forward, Chrili seized the moment to present his doctoral thesis- “Guabuliga: Open Spaces of Everyday Life” to the community. Receiving the book on behalf of the community, Chief Salifu M. Tampuri expressed profound gratitude to Chrili for his continuous support to the natural resource development of Guabuliga. He also promised renewed commitment to the success of natural resource projects in the community. Pictures of Chrili’s visit are shared below:

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