Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Our Guabuliga at a glance

Dear Braveaurora & Friends

We are here now for four weeks - time is running - and we are really enjoying our lives in Guabuliga! We already got used to the village and the life in the village - this small village has many things to do and see! And I will give you an overview about 'our' Guabuliga!

our compund from outside - you can see three little houses, in which we are living

 one of our ways to Mister Jo

 our vehicle of trust - Motorking! 
On the market days you can take a ride to Walewale with a Motorking or you can rent it as a taxi! And you won't believe how many people and other stuff you can carry with one Motorking.

 one of the petrol stations in town
 our telephone mast - which is really important for having contact with the whole world around Guabuliga - most of the time he is good to us!

 The Hospital. Once a month the hospital is opening it's doors for small children. On all the other days and all other people have to go to the hospital in Walewale.

 the mobile phone / electronic store

  beautiful landscape around Guabuliga

 one of the churches in town

 the main shopping and market road

 one of the grounds for playing football - there are many

our water tank in front of the compound - unfortunately it is not working at the moment.

I tried to show you some of our points of interest in Guabuliga!

Take care and have a good time,

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